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20 Year Molars

3, which appears at the very back of our mouth or remains embedded in our mouth, lasting between the ages of 17-26. are the molars. It is also called the wisdom tooth among the people.
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Jaw joint discomforts

The jaw joint is a structure located in the area where the lower jaw is connected to the upper jaw and controls jaw movements. Joint problems may occur due to reasons such as tooth clenching and improper prosthesis use.
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Frenectomy is the surgical correction of a long or large ligament between the tongue, lips, cheek and gums. This structure is called frenulum and can cause problems.
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Gingival aesthetics is a procedure in which the gums are shaped symmetrically by proportioning the smile line and the dimensions of the teeth in a patient-specific way. Gingivectomy: It is a surgical operation that includes only soft tissue, that is, corrections made in the gum..
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Cyst Treatment

Dental cysts are pathological sacs that form around the tooth or inside the mouth. Our specialist dentists make a definitive diagnosis of tooth cysts and offer treatment options. Treatment includes surgical intervention or removal of the cyst with drugs and control of infection.
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Child Dentistry

We recommend that the first dental examination of our children be performed from the moment the first tooth begins to erupt in your child's mouth in order to detect childhood anomalies that may occur and to overcome the dentist phobia that may occur in the future.
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