kanal tedavi endodonti

What is root canal treatment?

If tooth decay is not treated in time, the decay progresses deeper and causes inflammation of the nerves in the tooth. Inflammation of the dental nerves may cause the person to experience severe toothache, and problems such as darkening of the teeth and sensitivity to hot and cold may occur. The process of removing infection foci and vascular-nerve packages in the canal is called root canal treatment.


When is root canal treatment necessary?

When the tooth loses its vitality, some symptoms (night pain, spontaneous pain, abnormal pain during chewing, severe pain in hot and cold) occur. Root canal treatment is required for teeth that are found to be dead as a result of tooth vitality tests.

What are the stages of root canal treatment?
First of all, local anesthesia is applied to the relevant area (not a conscious anesthesia treatment).
After the decay treatment, dead tissues in the canal are cleaned.
It is definitely not a painful treatment.
Intra-root shaping is done by selecting instruments suitable for the root canal.
During shaping, the inside of the canal is washed abundantly with disinfectants.
Then, the tooth is filled with special filling materials.

Is there pain after Root Canal Treatment?

Mild spontaneous pain after root canal treatment is normal. Pain that develops spontaneously for up to 1 month is quite normal. Painkillers may need to be used for 3 days after the procedure.


Does every inflammatory event in the tooth require extraction?

With today’s technology, many teeth can be saved, but some teeth do not respond to treatment and may need to be extracted.


Are canal filling and filling separate processes?

Canal filling is the shaping and filling of the root part of the tooth in the bone. The filling process is the filling of the part of the tooth that is visible in the mouth. The two processes are different from each other. Every tooth that has a canal may require a filling, but not every tooth that has a canal may need a canal.


What is repeat root canal treatment?

It is a treatment applied to clean the ongoing spontaneous pain in teeth with root canal treatment or to clean the inflammation foci in the jaw. The stages are almost the same as root canal treatment. The success rate is lower than root canal treatment. Sometimes tooth extraction can be predicted.

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